ET Plus® System

The ET Plus® System is a cable anchored, energy absorbing guardrail end treatment that may be used on the termination of W-Beam barriers on the shoulder or median of a roadway. It is tested to NCHRP Report 350 Test Level 2 and Test Level 3.

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  • The ET Plus® System extruder head is potentially reusable when impacted within NCHRP Report 350 crash test standards.*
  • Various delineation options are offered per MUTCD requirements.
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*After an impact, the product must be inspected and evaluated per the direction of the specifying roadway authority. The ultimate decision on reusability rests with the specifying roadway authority and/or state DOT.

Assembly & Maintenance

  • Galvanized steel extruder head designed for durability in adverse weather conditions.
  • Steel or wood post options available.


Assembly Options

  • Wood Post
  • Steel Hinged Breakaway Post (HBA®)
  • Steel Yielding Terminal Post (SYTP®)


  • Offset: 0 to 2′ (0 to 610 mm)
  • Post Spacing: 6′ 3″ (1,905 mm)
  • Beginning Length of Need: 12′ 6″ (3.81 m)


NCHRP Report 350 Lengths:

  • Test Level 2:  25′ (7.62 m)
  • Test Level 3:  37′ 6″ (11.43 m)
  • Test Level 3:  50′ (15.24 m)

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